Values First Rebrand Kickoff: Giveaway!

Omgosh, I'm so excited. Do you know how many nights I've been working on this rebrand? A lot. It was so totally worth it though. To kick off our new look and new focus, we're giving away two Strengths Quest assessments above. We'll draw a winner this Sunday, Sept. 10th! 

We've changed quite a bit, here's a quick snippet of what's new: 

  • new template for our site. New look and feel
  • connecting more with our purpose and our why: a portion of each product sold in the store goes to fund the content for our Diamonds. Helping to raise young ladies worth to an unbreakable level. We feel when that happens, they're more likely to make amazing life decisions
  • we've seriously up'ed our game on the Diamond content: it's just not the Diamond blog anymore. We have 9 different sections, along with the Diamond blog, focusing on young ladies personal development. Anywhere from love, body image, to professional development. In most of the sections Diamonds can find a free worksheet to download
  • we're more focused with an editorial calendar (internal) that has all of September mapped out and most of October as well. We're hopeful to post 1-2 blog posts a week
  • we've separated our FB groups into: VF Models, VF Diamonds, & VF Parents, Sponsors, & Volunteers. We knew we needed to cater to each group's needs
  • at the end of September we're launching a new area in the site, specifically for models. More info to come on that
  • we also have a new logo, just for our Diamonds. You can view it by clicking here
  • we've matched all of our social media handles and got more strategic with postings: @vfdiamonds
  • we've added a FAQ page to our site
  • we've come to learn who our customers look like and what values they hold 

Next blog post coming this Friday! Sneak peek: LinkedIn

I'm so proud of all the work that has been done on the site. Please, if you have any constructive criticism or find any links that don't work, please, please, please let me know. As much as I'd love Values First to be a success for myself, it means so much more for the girls I serve. 

Register to win above, share, like, comment, talk amongst your friends. We believe every young lady should have the tools they need to be a successful, empowered woman. No matter where they grew up, how their home situation is currently, or how they feel when they look in the mirror. They're worth more. 

All my best,