FAQ about Values First


1.) What is Values First? 

Values First is an online store that promotes self-worth empowering products/services & positive beauty culture for women. We also give back to our community with our free, Diamond program. I fell in love with TOM's shoes and wanted to give back to something I was passionate about. A percentage of every purchase goes to fund our Diamond program.

2.) What is the Diamond program and what are the VF Diamonds?

The Values First Diamonds are young ladies who want to further their self-development & self-worth more than just reading the occasional blog post on our site. They provide their email address (and NOT get bombarded with emails) and then they receive their free password to all the VF Diamond content behind the locked page, along with their free gift. We believe in self-awareness. They aren't defined by their environment, class status, or clothing size. They're worth more & have so much potential. Learn more here. The Diamond program is a landing page for all things empowerment- some of the content was created by Values First and other content/links are a connector to free resources online.

3.) I know I get the free gift for giving up my email, but what kind of content is behind the locked page, in the Diamond program? 

Good question. First, we have the Diamond Blog. It ranges anywhere from specific dermatologist advice, figuring out what body type you are, falsie help, & more. We also have several different initiatives, through our program- focusing on self-awareness and empowerment. Love, Finances, Recommended Books, Your Friend Circle, Goal Setting, Professional Development, College/Career Planning/where to find scholarships, & more! The Diamond program is a great resource for any young lady, busy parents, single Mom’s/Dad’s, & anyone that is interested in self-awareness and empowerment.

4.) I heard there's a FB group as well, how do I join and why should I?

Excellent. The FB group is an extra way to connect with other awesome Diamonds- it provides more dialogue & commentary. We're all about positive community in the group. We offer chances to be vulnerable, ask questions, & to share fashion & inspirational quotes. The group is mixed with Diamonds and Diamond Mentors (Diamond miners, we like to call them, hehe). It’s a great way to build your community and be surrounded by empowered women.

5.) I've heard Values First & Keri have a modeling/fashion background, do I have to be a model to sign up to be a Diamond or to join the closed FB group?

No, absolutely not. Yes, I have done some modeling and Values First does have fashion industry inspired roots. But, if you are wanting some personal development tools, to feel empowered, and want to reach your full potential, this is the place for you. 

6.) Values First talks a lot about, "You're Worth More & Be a Diamond", are you guys insinuating that a young ladies worth has a monetary value? 

Whoa, absolutely not. I'll be the first to tell you that I certainly can't be bought, nor do I want any other woman to feel like that. Most of the young ladies that need to hear our message and interact with our Diamond program need to know that they're worth more. More than their current situation, more than their current environment, & more than learned behaviors. I want young ladies to know that they truly are Diamonds. They are unique & precious. Their standards for gentlemen, life, & goals should be high. Diamonds are uncovered from deep within the earth, they have to be searched out, that's what give them their worth. Cubic zirconia's can be found anywhere. They aren't real. They are uncovered. Cheap.

I don't ever want the young ladies I influence to feel like that. They're worth more. 

7.) Can increasing young ladies self-worth and self-awareness really break statistics like, poverty, divorce, eating disorders, & abuse?

Yes, I really think it can. I'm living proof of that. By slowing increasing my self-worth & by getting my degree, I've gotten better at making life decisions. I've never reverted. I escaped poverty and a mentally abusive relationship by knowing that I was worth more. I wasn't defined by my current situation. I also was extra careful before I got remarried. I made sure the man I was marrying was the one for me and we were compatible. I feel like when you know yourself and learn to love yourself, you're more empowered to make life decisions for the better. You see hope- especially when people come along side you, supporting you, and showing you the tools & resources you need to be successful. Becoming self-aware lent to an understanding of my strengths & it started me on my path to make life better for myself and my children. With every purchase in the store, a portion of that sale goes to our Diamond program. You’re helping us beat the statistics, thank you!

Now, personality types are different. We're not going to have a 100% success rate. We won't eradicate all of these statistics, 100%, with just our Diamond program. These statistics have many variables, but we hope to make a dent. A big one. I'm living proof of how it can work and I whole heartedly believe I can help instill this in other young ladies. I firmly believe you have to want it, know that there's hope and a way. I believe in a hand up, not a hand out. This is why our Diamond program is free, holistic, all in one place, and very self-motivated. If you don't get online and do the work, you won't see the results.

8.) What are Values First's official hashtags?

Aw, thanks! We use several, but our main ones are: #valuesfirst #modeltheway #beaDiamond #imworthmore #beunbreakable

We also love #shopwithapurpose, but we didn't come up with that one. Please, use them in any and all of your social media posts that you feel connect with our mission and vision. We LOVE it!  



Still have questions? Please, email us. We love hearing feedback and ways to make the site and our mission better communicated. We welcome it!