I love lifting others up.


Hi, my name is Keri Ledbetter, formerly Owens. I am socially awkward and secretly an introvert (shh), love to read, have two great kids, have a wonderful husband, am a total cat person, hate being cold, love my heels, & am a complete A-type personality. My top strengths are: Achiever, Responsibility, Restorative, Futuristic, & Focused. I am the queen of creating checklists & am a complete and total chicken who doesn't do roller coasters.

I love lifting others up, I really do, I love it. Whether it's modeling for a brand, blogging, speaking and empowering a room full of young adults, or empowering young ladies to be the absolute best, strongest versions of themselves possible. I love it when someone's self-worth shoots through the roof after talking with me. I truly feed off that energy- it's a natural high for me. I love knowing that I added something positive to this world.  

Fostering self-worth in young ladies is really what Values First is all about. It's my personal mission. I never want a young lady to have to go through what I did. They're worth more. I want to give them all the tools they need to be successful, with our free, Diamond program. Self-awareness, personal development, & mentorship are the hidden gems to breaking statistics for young ladies living in poverty. I know, because I've lived through it. You can check out My Story here.

I've never thought of myself as a teacher. I never wanted to be, but as I look back on my life, I know if I didn't share the take away's, it would be an absolute waste. I've been there. I've been lower than low. I didn't believe in myself, didn't like how I looked, was beaten down, my self-esteem felt more like a dried up raisin, not like the diamond I really was. I know how it can impact young ladies lives and I believe, that if your self-worth is strong, it's going to influence too many life decisions, for the better. That's my mission: building young ladies up, so they can make amazing life decisions. Fostering grit and the needed values to achieve a successful life- stomping statistics into the ground. 

I love motivational speaking too, it's one of the ways I connect with young ladies. It's receiving the texts or pm's afterwards and taking the time to give advice. It's the pre-meetings and hours of preparation to make sure the girls get my best. I care. I believe in giving young ladies all the tools they need to be successful. Tools I didn't have growing up- not because my Mom didn't care, but because of the circumstances and our environment. People have so much untapped potential within them, I believe you have to have the tools to unearth them and the drive and want to be successful. Most of the girls I work with aren't getting that at home, for one reason or another.

You can absolutely say I wear my heart & values on my sleeve with Values First. 


-Keri Ledbetter

President & Creative Director



Photo Credit: Jonah Gilmore-Studio Rocket Science-Dallas, TX

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