VF Model



This initiative is a mirror image of the kind of mentality I hope the Diamonds bring to society- the VF Models will bring the same mentality directly to the fashion industry, the front lines so to speak. We're so sick of all the sex sells images. We will only work with young ladies and gentlemen that exhibit strong values: on social media & in person. We're not an agency, but Keri knows quite a bit about starting out as a model. She offers a great head start for those that are wanting to pursue modeling.

Why? She was tired of the run around- tired of the constant up selling, false hopes, and wasting of time. She wants to give young amateurs and their parents a great, honest start.


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VF model Application, interview, & Awarenes: FREE

Step 1:

Fill out our form- send completed form to keri@valuesfirst.net. Please use VF Model in the subject line.  

amateur workshops: $75/each 1-hr.workshop

rewards program coming soon! 


Step 2: 

If you get accepted, this is the next step. The workshops offered are intro level. We'll explain industry norms and not-so-norms, show you how to walk the runway properly, what to expect at fashion show tryouts, what to bring in your model bag, and getting you comfortable in front of the camera- practicing posing. 


headshots, how-to instructions on submitting to big agencies, & referrals to local agencies: $150



Step 3: 

A professional photoshoot, with 20 useable images to submit directly to big agency sites.

A How-To instruction sheet on submitting your images to big agencies. Each one has different rules and picture specs- don't do all the research yourself. Get your how-to sheet from us. 

Also, referrals to local agencies that manage bookings and further classes & workshops (free, after completing a workshop, even if you don't do a photoshoot). 



1.  Why should you trust Keri?

  • Because she's been in your shoes. She didn't have a lot of money or time to invest in modeling. She's been frustrated for either getting the run around or from people trying to scam her, in the beginning of her career. She's been right where you are- with all the, "is this normal for the industry?", questions.

The whole premise of the website, the Diamond program, & for her personally, is values. Her integrity means everything to her and she honestly wants to give amateurs and their parents a great, honest start. 

2.  Will you be getting a return on your investment, so to speak and are the workshops worth $75/workshop?

  • Oh heck yea. If Keri would have found a person that offered these services when she first got started, she would have totally taken the workshops. Keri got her experience by making the cold calls, by making mistakes, by traveling to participate in fashion shows (and the practice sessions), staying in a hotel, paying for her gas and food, and by doing a lot of free work. That's a lot of time and the total costs are far more than $75, even if 3 workshops were taken. Also, the good information you'll get on industry norms and not-so-norms is very refreshing for a beginner. So utilize her knowledge!

  • Now, after taking 1 workshop are you going to jump onto a NY fashion week runway... no. Keri doesn't have connections like that and she doesn't want to misinform anyone. The workshops are a great way to get alkylated into the industry, to learn norms, what to watch out for, and to promote confidence and knowledge when reaching out to agencies or when attending open calls.

   3.  Do I have to sign a contract? 

  • Nope. You only pay for the workshops you attend. Now, if you sign up for a workshop and don't give 24-hr notice, you would still be charged for the workshop. Time is the most precious asset any of us have, we respect our clients time, please respect ours. In the event of a true emergency though, the payment would be waved.