be a diamond

What a VF Diamond Looks Like

A VF Diamond is worth more than her current situation or environment. She wants more for her life, but doesn't quite know how to get there. She's driven. She has a good heart & knows she's called to do more. She never quits. She knows there's more to her than just her body, but isn't quite sure how to shine, fully. She's not defined by the economic status of her environment. She's more than a statistic. She's not defined by the class status of her family. She knows failure and poverty is not an option. She's worth more. She's a Diamond. 


What our diamonds aspire to be: 

  • God-loving

  • loyalty

  • honesty

  • the type of friend you would want to have

  • respectful: of self and others

  • humble

  • confident

  • good work ethic

  • doesn't gossip

  • accountable

  • driven

  • independent

  • authentic

  • empowering

  • kind

  • fun

  • encouraging

  • a good listener

You're worth more. Be a Diamond.

Still have questions about Values First or the Values First Diamond Program? 


I grew up in poor, without a father figure in my life, in a single parent household, & with a poverty mindset. I was an at-risk youth.

I knew I wanted to do amazing things, but I had no clue how to get there. I also grew up with very little access to mentors, from another class. I had a ton of indicators working against me. I should have ended up on welfare & on drugs.

I didn’t. Failure & poverty were NOT an option. I made it out.

I am fiercely passionate about giving other at-risk youth, hope. Hope for a better life- a life I’ve found. That’s why I’ve created the VF Diamond Program. It’s free and accessible. It’s a landing platform, with all the personal awareness and empowering self-worth tools in one place.

I thought of everything that helped me become the person I am today and I put it all in one place. Most of the content is mine, but some are links to other websites.

A portion of every purchase in the VF Store goes to help fund continual content for our Diamonds. To reach and work with more schools & non-profits. I want every young lady to know how truly unique they are and how worthy they are, of a great life. They’re worth more. They are Diamonds.


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We want to be responsible for empowering & equipping Millennials & Generation Z to an unprecedented level-  influencing young ladies to be the one's that make a serious dent in the statistics (battered women, teen pregnancies, single parents, & generational poverty) for at-risk youth. 

VF Diamond program pillars:

  • professional development - a resume template, LinkedIn suggestions, etc.

  • love

  • finances

  • recommended books & TED's

  • body image

  • recommended personality assesments

  • your circle

  • college/career information and where to find scholarships

  • Who Is - gain more personal awareness

  • & more!