You are strong. Confident. You model the way for the young ladies in your life.

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Instilling values early

Paislee has a great start! She will go far, for sure.

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Wear your Values on your sleeve, literally. 

We're a for-profit business, that gives back. We believe every young lady should know their worth and have the tools to reach their full potential.

A portion of every purchase goes directly to fund content for our Diamond Program. Please help us model the way for young ladies in poverty.

The Values First Customer

She is God-loving, loyal, honest, the type of friend you would want to have, respectful: of self and others, confident, has a work ethic, rarely gossips, is accountable, driven, independent, authentic, empowering, kind, & encouraging. She's the total boss babe that kicks butt and takes names, but at the same time is down to earth and approachable. Yeah, our customers are the total package. Even on days when they don't feel like it. A total diamond in the rough.