Why your Email address Matters & How-To Reach an All Star level on LinkedIn.


I didn’t always think my email was a big deal. Nor did I know what LinkedIn was, back when my professor at NWACC told me I needed one.


My email started off as karebear2529… I know. It was cute, fun, and used to be my nickname. Why not, right? It was my email. I could have any name I wanted to. What the hell- it was cute. It also was really hilarious making customer support repeat it, anytime I was asked to verify my email.


Turns out, it does matter. An email address is like a first impression. You only get one shot at; plus, people associate you by it.


Just think of everywhere you utilize your email address and not just now, but in the future. Resume, social media logins, LinkedIn… the list goes on.


You need to think of your email address like you would a long-term relationship: one that lasts & one that fosters respect:


1.     Don’t use student or work accounts- those could change. You want a constant.

2.     Don’t use, “hotmamma22” or “karebear2529”. :) You want to be respected, right? Demand it. Craft a professional email. Try not to include your birthday or full name. Identity theft is already rampant… don’t help them. Plus for a potential employer, your birthday could hurt you if listed on your resume or LinkedIn. Too old or too young might not be the greatest thing to advertise right away. Get your foot in the door with the interview and then sell yourself! They can’t ask you your birthday in an interview (it’s illegal) so don’t help them, initially.

3.     Have you ever moved or changed your name? I have, it’s a pain. The same is true for your email address. It’s far reaching- do you know how many meaningful contacts I’d have to notify if I wanted to change my email address? Ugh. No. So, it’s best to start out on a solid foundation.


LinkedIn… when my professor at NWACC (probably 2010 or 2011… yes, I’m old) mentioned we should create a LinkedIn, I had no earthly idea what it was or why I needed it? Now I have over 1,000 connections and have achieved an All Star status. It matters. I would dare to say it’s probably the most professional social media tool- so treat it as such. What does LinkedIn have to do with your email? I’m glad you asked. It shows up on your profile! It is your first impression to potential employers, just like your resume. You never get another shot at a first impression, so make sure it’s a good one, even digitally. That's usually the first contact and impression people have of you. 


All in all, does your email address define you? Absolutely not. It certainly defines you to others though. What eyes are you attracting to your circle… potential employers, college scholarships, or professional/positive connections? The choice is entirely up to you.


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