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Elaine Peterson is The Prodigal Daughter-Values First Member

I want to see morals and values placed in the industry
— Elaine Peterson, The Prodigal Daughter

Elaine is a blogger at, whose mission is to lift women up to their full potential, through ministry...& coffee. She is also a member to the exclusive group, Values First. I took some time to ask Elaine some questions about why she's so passionate about her blog & being a member of the Values First Group, here were her answers...

1) How long have you been blogging? 

  1) I have been blogging for five years now. 

2) Why is lifting up young ladies important to you? 

  2) I wasn't lifted up by other Godly women and mentors in my life until I started High School but I should have needed it transitioning through Middle School. I didn't have anyone I could talk to about things that were happening dealing with bullying and guys always trying to sexually harass me in some way. 

I've always had my parents to talk to but I was a little defiant when I turned 13, which only lasted about 6 months. 

I almost got involved in really heavy things but I had friends who got involved with drinking and drugs and continuously having sex at a young age with multiple people and it ruined their lives. I want to show women they are worth so much more. I want to be what I didn't have when I truly needed it. I want to show them the path God has for them and that He has so much in store for them. I want to make a positive impact on how women view themselves as God's daughters and that they are loved and beautiful despite what society says about them. 

I just want people to reach their full potential

3) Why are you a part of the Values First community? 

  3) Values First ties into this because I want women to feel powerful and confident without having to cover up their beauty, mislead others, continue to fight against each other and knowing their worth. This ties into my recent comment about them knowing they don't have to go down the wrong path with relationships and they don't have to sell themselves to feel beautiful because they already were made beautiful. 

I want to see morals and values placed in the industry. I want women to feel that it's okay to say no whether it comes to relationships or even modeling. Values First embraces true identity in Christ and knowing that you have value without ever having to try. I want women to know that their beauty radiates from their soul, not anything that hinders their spirit or morals. 

4) Where do you see yourself in 3 years with your work? 

  4) In three years, I see myself progressing with writing as a whole. I want to start writing or have published my first book. I want to have articles written for several different Christian blogs and magazines. I see myself going to different schools or churches and speaking at conferences about these very subjects. I want to sit down with women who are dealing with these kinds of major issues. I want to even hold marriage conferences and dating conferences with my fiancé. We want to show people how to have a healthy relationship, through a man's view and women's view. I know that writing will always play a big role in my life because I've been writing since I was 8 years old. I am an active journalist of my own thoughts and what God has continued to do in my life. I want to show some that God has just started on their stories. 


-Elaine Peterson, The Prodigal Daughter


Ladies & Gentlemen...The Prodigal Daughter


You are Captivating. 

If there was one book that I would encourage every woman to read, it would be Captivating. This book was written by a married couple, John and Stasi Eldredge, to show what a woman of God truly resembles. One of my favorite chapters from this book is titled Beauty to Unveil. This chapter teaches women, of all ages, that her true essence is her beauty. Yes, our bodies are made beautiful and to be admired by our spouses, but you can feel beautiful and even sexy with sweat pants and no make-up. Our beauty radiates from our soul, but even more, from the One who created beauty. Every woman is made beautifully and wonderfully from our Lord. It was given to us.

Satan speaks in half-truths, exemplifying his title, "The Father of Lies." Yes, of course, our bodies are beautiful to look at but through his schemes, society has built the foundation that "sex sells." But what does it really sell? What do you gain from the price? There is more loss than just our clothing. We begin to trade trust for trying and end up dying on the inside. We feel as if we are trapped in a lie that seemed so promising in the beginning only to turn into constant heartbreak in a battle that seems to have no end. But Ladies, please remember that you are more than this false sense of beauty. The best thing to unveil is your soul, not your body.

The world takes something so cherish able and tries to imitate it by adding and taking away, thus demeaning the true essence of beauty. Romans 12:2 says Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--His good, pleasing and perfect will. The way society views beauty is a perverse stance. Captivating explains that beauty speaks, invites, nourishes, comforts, and that beauty is transcendent. Beauty is not forced. Beauty makes others feel beautiful. Most importantly, a beautiful woman knows her beauty flows from the One who created her. God already knows you are beautiful. You have already been made cherish able therefore, you have been made pure and holy through His will for your life. He does not have to add or take away any part of you. You are Captivating.

The start of a New Year is probably the most challenging time of the year. Women feel the need to lose a certain amount of weight so that she may feel beautiful but most of the time, she is not doing it for the right reasons. Most of these New Year's goals or resolutions, turn into either bad eating habits and excessive weight loss or feeling of inferior to a false advertisement in the check out aisle. But believe me, you do not have to feed these negative thoughts. The world needs more of your spirit and soul and less of diet fads and body enhancements. Make this the best year yet. Know that your worth comes from Jesus and Jesus alone. Let your beauty outpour and radiate from within so that others will feel beautiful as well, without having to change their looks or even their morals. Your beauty is Captivating. Let 2016 be a year of growth in the Spirit and finding your worth through our Heavenly Father. Rid yourself of photo-shopped ads and know that the "beautiful" woman you see in the industry was made beautiful way before she lost herself in the traps of society. Be praying for her to know her worth and fight for other women as they struggle to find their beauty. Take ownership of your worth and know that you are beautiful to everyone you touch with your soul.

"Our true self becomes reflected in our appearance. But it flows from the inside out." - John and Stasi Eldredge, Captivating


-Elaine Peterson, The Prodigal Daughter


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